Payroll services

The perfect payroll solution is one you don’t worry about. HROi’s cloud-based payroll platform takes the hassle out of payroll processing, and also takes care of your payroll administration needs. The system tracks all employee and HR data, payroll information, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation. It's easy to use — and you control your data.

Support You Need

Payroll administration and distribution

  • Cloud-based platform and reporting
  • Payroll processing and tax filing
  • Direct deposits/pay cards
  • Employee and employer portal
  • W-2s, 941s
  • PTO accrual tracking and reporting
  • Integrated employee benefits system
  • Integrated time and attendance
  • Integrated workers’ compensation platform
  • Restaurants: FICA Tip Tax Credit Calculator
  • Employee portal shows check stubs, PTO, W-2s, employee benefits, and more

Payroll tax liability

We also ensure that all W-4s, W-2s, 940 and 941 reports, garnishments, and other associated reports are completed on an accurate and timely basis.

  • Payroll tax deductions and payment
  • Preparation of quarterly reports
  • Remittance of federal, state, and local taxes
  • Year-end W-2 preparation and mailing

Watch the demos

Discover how intuitive and easy payroll processing and management can be with HROi.

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